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One of the most attractive business sector is pharmacy. The market for pharmaceuticals is characterized by huge investments as well as big profits. In the Czech Republic, the turnover of the pharmaceutical market for more than 50 billion a year. The pharmaceutical industry contributes significantly to the quality of life. It is a strategic sector, which relates to public health and has a significant economic dimension.

Thriving pharmaceutical industry is essential to ensure a high level of protection of public health. Oversees compliance with EU principles of free movement of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as to ensure high standards of quality and safety. EU seeks from its inception to create a single European market in pharmaceuticals, strives for fair competition and the Drug Safety and the protection of human health. EU sets out the basic requirements for medical products and their performance shall be granted the CE marking of the product and can be placed on the market.

Consumption of medicines and other pharmaceutical supplements are growing, and will be done in the future. For quality research and development is needed to gain that is produced from the sale of pharmaceuticals. Putting pharmaceutical product on the market is not a matter of days rather than months or years. For this reason, it is very necessary cooperation of clinical research and product marketing strategies. A product has three phases, namely, research, development and introduction of drugs into the market. After placing the product on the pharmaceutical market is also necessary to monitor the product and its side effects, this phase is referred to as post-marketing studies.